Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wear this jacket, and no one will tell you what you can't do

DRx ROMANELLI x LOST x REAL McCOYS. Dr. Romanelli says:

Every so often a show comes along that grabs your attention and sucks you in. LOST is hands down one of the best shows of all time. When the opportunity arose to work on a collaboration I jumped on it. I recently connected with Real McCoys owner Hitoshi Tsujimoto. I have been a huge fan of his line for quite sometime, so it was amazing to connect on this drop. Seemed like the perfect fit to work with him on this project via his amazing military reissued pieces and attention to detail. The “Dues Ex Machina” tiger stripe jacket is inspired by the first glimpse of the temple walls with Anubis calling the smoke monster and the concept of black vs. white. Its Claire’s dream of Locke with black and white stones for eyes and the contrast of black smoke against the jungle background that felt like tiger stripe camouflage. Its a mixture of little pieces picked up from the show… following little hints like bread crumbs…it was the little things hidden in the story that made their way into the design of the jacket. It was the freeze frames from fan sites of temple walls where fans dove deep into reading hieroglyphs to get a better understanding of what was really going on. Its a tribute to Locke and the man in black as the smoke monster that just maybe he was the true ghost in the machine. Big thanks to Hitoshi for helping me manufacture such an incredible piece and to Mr. Nathan Cabrera, LOST fan, and my wing man on creating this jacket. This collection is limited to 10 pieces. Please inquire with UNION if you're interested.
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