Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Insidiously cool toy packaging; Bardsploitation posters; Papercraft car (and more)

Some gems from Rory Phillips's portfolio (he won this month's art contest):

Pin-Craft Packaging:

A Model kit that allows you to turn a ordinary Bowling Pin into a wonderful toy!

When I was a kid I got a model that promised from the box to be the greatest toy ever made. Upon opening however it was obvious that only a master craftsman could hope to assemble and carve the model. And no one could ever make it match the illustration on the box.

I wanted to capture that disappointment with this project.

Posters and other promotional materials for Bardsploitation, a film series at Laurelhurst Theater featuring movies based on Shakespeare's plays.

Packaging for Tengu instant noodles.

Pages from a manual on avoiding his sister.

Car paper toy (based on one of the templates available here).

Finally, don't miss his designs for the board game Escape from The Black Briar Wood:
In Ireland 300AD the warriors of 4 waring clans are brought to the black briar wood to fight for the amusement of Morrighan the faerie queen.
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