Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Intriguing Coca-Cola campaign by Wieden + Kennedy

Earlier this week, I mentioned a failed attempt by Coca-Cola and Wieden + Kennedy to market a soft drink called OK Soda directly to young people. Coincidentally, here's a brand new campaign for W+K seeking to turn good old Coke into a mysterious product:

The centerpiece of the campaign is the keyhole bottle icon which symbolizes Coca-Cola’s mysterious secret formula and serves as a signal that a “secret” is waiting to be unlocked.

One element of this campaign is a cryptic YouTube video designed with clickable keyhole bottle overlays that will lead the viewer to a number of unique digital experiences.

By visiting Twitter you can get to Dr.Pemberton. He’s Coke’s 179 year old inventor and he’s here to answer any questions about Coke’s secret formula. Check out his first few tweets as he acclimates to our high-tech world.
Here's the main video:

Clicking on the links takes you to various locations, including a "live feed" showing a variety of odd characters protecting the formula:

and allows you to access Pemberton's medical files:

There's also a second video showing the dire consequences if something happened to either of the two people who know the Coke formula:

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