Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lucy Van Pelt illustration (link roundup)

John Martz turned the Koyama Press mascot into Lucy Van Pelt as a commission.

And a few more links:

1. Review of several new books about Christianity is full of interesting details:

The odd absences in Mark are matched by the unreal presences in the other Gospels. The beautiful Nativity story in Luke, for instance, in which a Roman census forces the Holy Family to go back to its ancestral city of Bethlehem, is an obvious invention, since there was no Empire-wide census at that moment, and no sane Roman bureaucrat would have dreamed of ordering people back to be counted in cities that their families had left hundreds of years before. The author of Luke, whoever he might have been, invented Bethlehem in order to put Jesus in David’s city.

2. There's an island near Australia called Magnetic Island.

3. You can watch a full playthrough of Alan Wake.

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