Monday, June 14, 2010

Super Punch Interview: Melissa Sue Stanley

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Meet Melissa Sue Stanley (who had a great line about Twitter):

1. What is your idea of the perfect day?

Up at 7:30 am. Get the husband out the door to work. Drink coffee and dick around the internet for maybe an hour. Take the dog on a long walk around the nearby lake. Have a little zn√ľni and catch up on my hausfrau work. Run down to the shop for fresh veggies and cheese. Make an espresso and open the giant window in the art studio. Sit for the rest of the day and paint, draw, and/or sew something. Get a lot of solid work done. About 16:45 my good friend comes to get me and we have an apero at our little bar. Later, he drops me off at my regular bar, maybe about 18:30. My husband and another very good friend will be there, along with the rest of the after-work 'regulars'. We have a couple beers and practice our german, and then our friend drives us into the evening for kebab dinner and who knows what-all-else. The stars are out and the moon is on the mountains and the lake. We laugh a lot and stay out too late.

2. Describe one of the best moments in your life:

It's happened a few times - it's when I travel with my husband, and some strange and unforeseen opportunity arises, and there's this little moment when we glance at each other and grin and think "of course we are going to do that". And then we go on some bizarre and wonderful little adventure together. (

3. What is your most common nightmare?

When I am sleeping: Having to go through the process of leaving my family and friends in Chicago again and again. (I recently moved to Europe)
When I am awake: Mediocrity.

4. What are your three favorite possessions?

a) Green leather messenger-bag purse and its contents. We've been everywhere together.
b) A necklace with a tiny dead baby seahorse inside it.
c) My Canon G9

5. What is your goal for 2010?

In no particular order, but all pretty important:
*Become fluent in conversational German. *Paint the shit out of some canvas. *Continue to create unique soft-sculpture plush art. *Work on currently growing portrait-drawing career. *Learn how to tattoo. *Become a bartender (speaking german) *France, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, Spain. *Eat everything *Get a suntan *Kick ass

6. What super power would you most like to have?

I'd love to have the option to sleep, or not. If I could stay awake for a solid week I'd get so much more work done.

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