Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Doctor Solar vs. a Giant Golden Minotaur (and more)

My favorite covers from the Dark Horse solicitations for October, 2010:

Doctor Solar #3 cover by Michael Komarck:

The dark god Moloch the Devourer pits his demonic hellfire against the thermonuclear fury of Doctor Solar. Whitmore Pickerel, whose power to bring his imagination into existence unleashed the Devourer, conjures the mighty sun-god Surya for protection. But instead, Surya bows before Moloch, and the Man of the Atom faces cosmic-scale war on a second front. With the power of Solar pitted against the god of the sun, can the planet survive?

Fear Agent #31 cover by Tony Moore (?).

Hellboy/Beasts of Burden cover by Jill Thompson

Magnus, Robot Fighter Volume 1

Star Wars: Invasion-Rescues #5 cover by Wes Dzioba (?).

Star Wars: The Old Republic #4 cover by Benjamin Carré (?).

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