Sunday, July 11, 2010

Evil Scientist's Castle

Evil scientist's lair from a Looney Tunes episode, right? Via these sites.

UPDATE: It's from Hair-Raising Hare. Thanks Jason.

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  1. Yeah, it's the one with Bugs Bunny and Gossamer, the hairy, orange monster in sneakers. Great cartoon.

  2. There’s a whole blog devoted to nothing but the backgrounds of Warner Brothers cartoons. I don't think this it:

  3. I know that site, I'm always bitter that the screengrabs aren't big enough to use as desktop wallpapers.

  4. If you love the Loony Tunes backgrounds, you need this book... Drawing the Loony Tunes

    It has a LOT of fold out spreads with the full backgrounds they would pan across for their shots. Some of them are pretty incredible with the perspectve changes they figured out.