Thursday, July 8, 2010

LeBron's Choice

UPDATE: Well, I gave ESPN too much and too little credit. They absolutely deserve credit for figuring out that LeBron was headed to Miami, and reporting as much. But they also put together an excruciatingly unwatchable show. Very strange for LeBron to choose to make the announcement a tv event, and then act like he was facing a firing squad during the show.

As of 5:05, ESPN is still reporting that all signs are LeBron signing with Miami. If LeBron signs with Cleveland instead, we'll know that ESPN is totally unreliable and/or totally unreliable because they're intentionally manufacturing a fairy tale (like their parent company, Disney). So, the narratives to look for in tonight's epic show:

1. Fairy Tale: Once upon a time there was a king in cleveland. He experienced a challenging defeat and was sorely tempted to abandon his kingdom and move to a glamorous city. But he was brave and loyal, and stood by his faithful subjects.

2. Watch ESPN and LeBron play up the misleading claim that advertising dollars earned during the one hour show are going to charity. Compare that claim to any visible evidence of LeBron's personal sponsors, which include Nike, State Farm, and Microsoft, which has a giant Bing search box on LeBron's personal site.

To get up to speed for tonight's telecast, read Bill Simmons's article on LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. Wade and Bosh apparently had a documentary crew follow them around as they wrestled with their decisionmaking.

And here's two LeBron videos:

Lebron degrading a ballboy.

LeBron losing at HORSE.