Sunday, July 4, 2010

Link roundup

1. Matt Fraction in a long, very interesting interview:

But Casanova I know for a fact I've not made a penny on. It's all gone back to the twins, to try to pay back their page rate and get them to a point where they've not been working for free. But, I mean, Gabriel drew all of his volume without seeing a dime and Fabio did his. Now those checks drib and drab in, call them minor at best, it's no way to make a living. People do, people get lucky, but we're not those guys. We did not catch that lightning in a bottle.
Seriously, read the whole thing. The interviewer explains why Josh Hartnett was his worst ever interview. Via.

2. Very high-res poster featuring the various mysteries of Lost.

3. Vonda McIntyre talks about writing Star Trek novels:
The only potential glitch in the Star Trek books came about because I couldn't figure out how to write a love scene where the protagonists called each other by their surnames. So I gave Mr. Sulu a first name, "Hikaru," which is from The Tale of Genji. I was blissfully unaware of the glitch till long after the fact; someone at Paramount objected to the idea of the character's having a given name, for reasons unclear to me.
*Buy Casanova at Amazon (it's very good).