Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Link roundup

1. Rick Cho was recently hired as the new Portland Trailblazers General Manager. Here's the interview process:

I met with [team president] Larry Miller on Tuesday in Las Vegas. And then I met with Nate [McMillan]. Larry wanted me to connect in person with [owner Paul] Allen on his yacht in Helsinki.

What's he doing in Helsinki?

Just vacation. Going around Europe.

So on Wednesday I flew from Vegas to Toronto to Helsinki, and with the time change I got there Thursday evening. I went straight to the yacht, and I met there for more than three hours with Mr. Allen. Just the two of us. He asked me a lot of questions.

Later that night at the hotel Larry called me and offered me the job.
2. "Two prisoners have escaped from a jail in Argentina, reportedly while it was using a dummy to man one of its guard towers." Via.

3. "A ship from Korea carrying supplies to build housing for military buildup workers in the American territory of Guam was denied permission to dock when inspectors discovered thousands of spiders in its cargo."

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