Friday, July 9, 2010

Link roundup

1. Fun idea from one of Bill Simmons's readers:

If I'm Cavs owner Dan Gilbert I immediately look at the schedule for when the Heat come to town the first time. I then arrange a ceremony where they retire jersey #23. Even have LeBron help raise it into the rafters. Do it up right and honor the accomplishments. I'd have an emotional speech put together honoring all the ups and downs that they've seen; bring up all the heartbreaks and near misses in the playoffs and regular season.

The name on the back of the jersey? Jordan.
2. The Big Bad Toy Store has 3A Toys' Badbot & Popbot with Random Kitty available for preorder.

3. Sean Dove's prints are on sale at Etsy.

*Buy NBA bobbleheads at eBay.