Friday, July 23, 2010

Listen to the Daft Punk songs for Tron Legacy

Listen to the Daft Punk songs for Tron Legacy:

You'll find some relevant links here.

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  1. Oh! Thanks so much for posting these John. I'm so excited for this soundtrack!

  2. Try playing the links in order, starting each successive track 15-20 seconds after the previous started--it's pretty amazing to hear that way!

  3. You know, I've been extremely excited about the score for this movie ever since they announced it would be Daft Punk doing it. I'm a HUGE fan of soundtrack music, and an equally as huge fan of Daft Punk. And pretty much ever since the first real Tron trailer came out a while back, I have been sitting around waiting impatiently for some of the music to leak to the net. I figured I'd have to wait until December to hear any of it.

    So, naturally, I am just about to cry from delight that the music hit the net TODAY of all days. Because today is my birthday, and this is seriously the best birthday present ever. LOL. Thank you so, SO much for posting these!


  4. Honestly, I'm pretty surprised at how tame these are! Epic score meets electronic influences, to be expected given the movie, and I'm sure any composer would have included such inspirations. Not to say they don't sound good and I'm sure they'll work very well in the context of the movie, but why employ Daft Punk to do this when I think other composers could have produced something similar? It sounds almost as if they were afraid to be themselves too much.