Friday, July 23, 2010

More Mondo poster scalping

Earlier today, Mondo instantly sold out its stock of Trouble With Tribbles/Star Trek posters by Olly Moss. (They were sold out before the announcement email even reached my inbox.) At least 36 of the posters are already on sale at eBay.


  1. Everytime I see something like this it makes me sad (edited). I would have loved to have gotten either of the Star Wars posters released thus far but like you said they sell out within seconds. Which I wouldn't feel so bad about if I didn't see this crap going on on Ebay. Fans, i.e. target audience owning them is great, scalpers not so great. Disheartening it is.

  2. I totally agree. It is one of the reasons I hate limited edition s**t. For example, the Ashley Wood/Michael Lau stuff. It takes all of the fun out of being a collector when jack wipes pick it all up in the opening seconds to resell it. The company doesn't always care because they make their money, but honest folk lose out.

    This type of false economy, sparked by speculators, helped to severely damage the comic industry.