Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oban Star Racer Molly vinyl toy

Oban Star Racer Molly vinyl toy:

This rotocast vinyl figure is made to scale with Muttpop's Lucha Libre figure line. Comes with a rotating head and rotating fist. Approximately 7.25" ( 18.4 cm) tall.

Molly's the Earth-Teams lead pilot in the Great Race of Oban. A last minute replacement after the tragic crash of champion Rick Thunderbolt, the rebellious and spunky 15 year old has a lot resting on her shoulders. She must win the race at all costs to protect the Earth - and show her stern father Don Wei what she's made of.

Based on the main character from the internationally acclaimed Oban Star Racers Anime Series.
Expect the figures to be approximately $45 each.

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