Friday, July 16, 2010

Star Wars toy news roundup

1. Don't expect to see more action figures based on characters from the Clone Wars microseries:

Lucasfilm actually asked us to stop producing figures based on the Clone Wars microseries in order to make sure there is no confusion with the current series. Aside from L8-L9 and K'krukh, who were already in development, we have followed this direction. Captain Fordo will be coming out though, sort of. He will actually be Captain Fordo's body and deco, but will be a generic trooper and not named Captain Fordo, per Lucasfilm's direction.
2. On the other hand, expect to see Force Unleashed 2 and The Old Republic action figures eventually:
videogame figures are going to be an important component of the line going forward, given the immense popularity of the LucasArts games and the success of the figure programs to date, however our strategy for game figure introductions is a little bit different today from the time we did TFU. You are right - the celebration of TFU in figure form has been nothing short of amazing, in hindsight. We might be getting close to 30 figures. However, TFU was deliberately designed to be the anchor-piece of a retail event at the time when there was no new Star Wars entertainment *except for* videogames, and the situation is different now. As such, we won't be doing large-scale launches all at once to commemorate games, but instead "chase" them after they have been established. We will be doing both TFUII and TOR figures in 2012, but the offering won't be nearly as broad as TFU and may only be 1 per wave, for example, at least until we can get a good tooling library build up to be able to branch out into multi-packs.
3. And:
we are looking at least one additional TFU pack release for 2011 before shifting our attention to TFUII in 2012.
4. And:
There won't be any TFU II figures out in 2011. The earliest we will be able to get to some TFU (or TOR) figures will be 2012. The approach will be different from the last time we did TFU figures, since we won't be creating a large-scale retail program around the games. Instead, we'll likely be doing them one at a time. The new Galen Marek will be high on our list of figures to look at doing first.
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