Sunday, August 8, 2010

Buying 640 Pop Tarts for $9

My wife's a coupon ninja and told me about a particularly impressive deal someone pulled off - - 640 Pop Tarts for $9. As I understand it, each box was on sale for approximately $1, and there was a deal where if you bought 10 Kellogg's items, you got a $10 coupon. So, buy $10 boxes for about $9, get a $10 coupon, use that coupon to buy ten more boxes, get another $10 coupon, and so on.

If you're out of work, or thinking about a second job, you should strongly consider mastering coupons. Here's a good starting point.

*I should add that earlier this month, the claim was that Old Spice sales had gone through the roof at the same time as the recent W+K ad campaign. My understanding is that there was actually a similar coupon ninja-type deal on Old Spice at the time, and the deal could easily have explained the surge in sales.