Monday, September 27, 2010

Eight weird animals

Eight weird creatures. The first is adorable. It becomes nightmare-inducing after that.

This is an elephant shrew, or Sengi. It's actually related to elephants, and not a shrew at all. The video features the best high speed chase you'll see all day. Via these sites.

Giant centipedes can grow a foot long, and have venomous fangs. In this video, a centipede plucks a flying bat out of the air. Via.

Tripod fish typically rest on the ocean bottom on their stalk-like fins, wait for a crustacean to bump into their fins, and then push the creatures into their mouths. Via.

This ugly fellow is the Asian sheepshead wrasse. The video describes him as the "Shrek fish," but I don't see the resemblance. Via.

Female whale sharks are believed to be able to mate once, store the sperm and fertilize their own eggs as they're produced. Via these sites.

Sometimes ants start following one another in a circular path, known as a death spiral or circular mill. Essentially, they follow each other in a circle until they either die of exhaustion, or stumble upon a path out of the madness. Via these sites.

Termite mounds are designed to circulate the hot air generated by the termites below ground - - the walls are filled with tiny holes which admit fresh air. How many termites? Over 100,000 per square meter. Via.

The Darwin bark spiders of Madagascar create webs spanning 30 feet with with anchor lines up to 82 feet. Their silk is over ten times stronger than a similarly-sized piece of Kevlar. They're unique in that they can stretch their webs over flowing bodies of water. Via these fine sites.

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