Friday, August 27, 2010

Horror Forest

Horror Forest t-shirts and shorts on sale here.

And speaking of t-shirts, all shirts are $15 at Design By Humans right now.

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  1. This is a great design and campaign. I went to the site and went away with the question: Is this English or someone's unique translation of the language.

    The explanation hardly made any sense:

    Filter017 the product and visual interpretation of the theme, particularly the joy of feeling different from the past, choose relatively heavy design with dark irony, presents “Horror Forest” theme, would like to call people to the issue of environmental protection, and self-vigilance !

    Design was quoted in the United States 50-60 years, the mascot of the Environmental Protection marked with signs, the original “happened before to remind the” change to “after the event, condemned” the use of contrast and irony of the re-explained ” Horror Forest “the main line, Filter017 hope images show a” natural response “and” Forest of the roar, “the fear.

    To “Horror Forest” series published by the subject goods, in addition to the image with the meaning of “natural” as the foundation of the design, style and type of commodity is also biased in the Outdoor, the themes and products to do for each other echoes, but also encourage people in addition to work, they often have to go outside and feel the beauty of the earth remaining, and step by step to awaken people’s awareness of nature conservation.