Thursday, August 19, 2010

Link roundup

1. I hate giving Palin any publicity, but the phrase "a cackle of rads" sounds pretty cool.

2. Here's part of what the Shake Weight inventor has to say about the ludicrous commercials for his product:

That's one way to put it. Sure, infomercials can be a bit steamy – think back to the Power Rider, and Suzanne Somers and the Thigh Master – but isn't this different?

I think there are sexy bodies selling lots of things—clothes, magazines, fitness equipment—all the time. There are a lot of 30-minute infomercials that use sex and good-looking bodies to get people's attention. We probably got more attention than most because our product was funny. And back when we were making the show, there were a couple of jokes going around the set about what it looks like if you do it a certain way. But that wasn't our master plan and we've had to spend a lot of money on PR so people knew it actually worked.

What about the Shake Weight for Men – was that a trickier video to make ready for marketing?

Well, in the men's there's no room for sexual innuendo there, because it's such an intense workout. We did it with Navy Seals and Army Rangers, and saw if they could do it for three minutes. They couldn't.

3. Well-edited video showing Chris Haley and Curt Franklin competing to purchase the best item for $10 at Comicon.