Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meet Daredevil and the Larcenous Leap Frog

Go here for more great scans from Daredevil Annual #1.

*At Toycutter: Custom Daredevil toys.

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  1. Is his radar sense really "riotous"? Like a wild party in his head all the time? I mean, I know they were just going for the alliteration, but still--how about "remarkable" or even "Really Neat"?

    And I love the reasoning behind the Larcenous Leap Frog's power. But even if were true that an intelligent man-sized frog would be "almost invincible" (I mean, they're not exactly rhinos or armadillos, you know), I'm not sure scuba flippers + bedspring sandals = FROG POWER.