Sunday, August 29, 2010

Uh no, no pretzels here

Josh Cooley spotted an intriguing sold out sign at Target.

UPDATE: Per the comments, they're rubber display pretzels.


  1. well... just so you know, the "pretzels" behind the glass are fake, rubber ones. i used to work at a place where people would point out the same.. and i had to keep saying "no they're just models". lol!

  2. Oh well somebody already beat me to it. But I recall being saddened when I went to a Target and saw what appeared to be a deliscious asiago pretzel. The guy behind the counter explained the whole display is shipped to them that way, the pretzels inside are rubber, and they can't open it to remove that pretzel despite their store not carrying it :<

  3. This is like some bizarre Wells Fargo shipment held tight in a bank. Totally weird!