Saturday, August 14, 2010

Upcoming Star Wars action figures

Young Boba Fett, Zombie Geonosian and more - - a few of the upcoming Star Wars action figures shown off at Hasbro's Star Wars Celebration V presentation. George Lucas's former coproducer complains that he left the franchise when it became apparent that Lucas was most interested in toy merchandising. Like that's a bad thing? Seems to me there's a whole lot of people that are very happy he churns out so many great toys.

And speaking of Star Wars, check out this photo gallery of high-quality obscure Star Wars cosplay (including Storm Trooper luchador.)

*The new Mandalorians are already available for preorder at Entertainment Earth.

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  1. The main thing about Lucas is that the films (if played in the order they were made) make an amazing metaphor for his life. At the beginning he was Luke, rebellious young filmmaker, by the end he has completely transformed into the businessman George Lucas's father actually wanted him to be.