Friday, September 24, 2010

Calvin and Hobbes art contest

More entries for this month's art contest, which has a huge prize:

Jerrod Maruyama.

James Haskins

Timothy Lim.

Karl Habegger.

Richard Kuoch

Glen Yard

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  1. Timothy Lim for the win. (again.)

  2. Sorry, but I couldn't disagree more about Timothy Lim's entry. His first was much better. But this... ugh. It has aesthetic merit and is funny on many levels (meta!). But I find it mean and dispirited, and totally misunderstanding of the Calvin and Hobbes ethos. Having grown up in an era of seeing Calvin pissing on everything (mostly Ford or Chevy emblems) on the back of pickup trucks, I am mostly disappointed in his entry. I know that the contest's only rules are having a Calvin and Hobbes style, but I would hope that the winner would be something that Bill Watterson would be proud of having influenced, not ashamed.

  3. Anynonymous #2 seems to have missed the point on Lim's fake comics page entry. It pretty clearly isn't a celebration of that stupid Calvin peeing bumpersticker, but a satire of the thing. Hence Linus's bit about "the decline of Western Civilization" and all.

  4. Sorry Mark. Whether or not I have missed the point doesn't matter. Its half-hearted attempt at satire notwithstanding, it is still vulgar. There is a fine line between doing something earnestly and ironically, and in this case I'm arguing that it doesn't matter. Calvin pissing on something, no matter what the object, is still Calvin pissing on something. And that goes against the essence of the character. That's why I just don't like it.