Thursday, September 23, 2010

Extremely haunted tree

Somewhere under there is a vinyl toy called a Jouwe, but it's so heavily modified as to be irrelevant. It's called "Ci Si Gioca Nella Sua Ombra" by J*Ryu, who explains:

This is my custom Jouwe for the Toy Art Gallery Custom Group Jouwe show, Oct 2nd - Nov 2nd, 2010. The piece is entitled "Nella sua Ombra che Svolgono", which translates to "In her Shadow we Play". Here's the backstory.

''Deep in the Forest of Sorrows lived a wood dryad named Solstice, who protected an accursed mirror that gave whomever was in possession of it eternal life & beauty, but at a terrible, horrible cost - death! For those would be so foolish to gaze into it would slowly wither and die, while bestowing Solstice with the essence of their souls to keep her young. Ever-so-vain and unyielding in her quest, Solstice would lure unknowing children into her tree, with promises of sarsaparilla floats, poutine and french fries, pinwheels, small cute animals and more, even providing a comfy bed to nap in after their fat little tummys were full. But one day, the tables were turned, when evil Solstice lured five sisters to her lair and took their poor souls while they huddled in the bed. For these girls were not just regular girls, they were five sisters who happened to be the daughters of the king - Princesses Aria, Lysette, Calliope, Daphne and Elysia. After the girls failed to return for dinner, the King immediately sent out a search party to find them and bring them home. But alas, it was not meant to be. For the search party discovered their trail, which led them to Solstice's tree, and lo and behold, a ghastly sight was awaiting - all 5 sisters were dead, huddled in bed, together forever with only brave Elysia's drawing upon the mirror letting them know that it was indeed them. Upon hearing this unbearably agonizing news, the King ordered that Solstice be chained and bound to her tree for eternity and left outside to the elements, where her coveted face would be exposed to nature's fury and that which she feared the most. Not wanting to disturb his precious daughters' eternal slumber, he left them there to lay in peace, where their spirits could play together forever.

Legend has it that Solstice's once-beautiful face is now cracked and worn, her visage now but a shadow of her former presence and if you happen to be there at night, you might catch a glimpse of the five long-dead princesses, playing by the moonlight.''

I used magic sculpt, super sculpey, metal, paper, styrene, craft porcelain, dried moss and acrylics.


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