Wednesday, September 22, 2010

High-end fallout shelters on sale

"Radius underground WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) shelters are totally self-contained structural fiberglass high pressure structures designed to protect 10-2000 adults for 1 month to 5 years. The shelters are specifically designed and developed to protect people during and after disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, forest fires, power failures, nuclear power plant accidents, nuclear/chemical terrorism, and full-scale protracted nuclear, chemical and biological war."

The smallest model is the CAT 10 IG:

"The CAT 10 is a 10 person shelter with a 6 KW internal diesel generator with a 400 gallon diesel tank under the floor providing a one year power duration. Air filtration is provided by the MCAS 120/600 system. The bathroom includes an electric/manual toilet, shower and small sink. The kitchen includes a utility sink, electric stove and counter area. The control panel includes an AC panel and a DC panel with meters. The entranceway is through a 45 degree stairwell with a hydraulic pocket wireless transmitter. The shelter includes single bunks which extend to a queen size bed, mattresses, sheets, pillows, etc. A 30 day food package for 10 people is included. Food storage volume will allow storage of approximately 1000 No. 10 cans ( 10 people for 4 months) A water filtration system provides long-term filtration by a local well."

By comparison, here is the Trogonia 8:

"Trogonia 8 is composed of 8 Earthcom 100's each having an Earthcom 32 support module for long term power needs. Each Earthcom 100 arch system protects 250 people. The Mall style floor plan is designed with shops, City Hall, fitness center, restaurants, and a hospital all located on the main floor, condos located on the second floor, and food/storage on the third floor. The artificial sky inside provides a comfortable feeling for long-term protection." Via.

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