Thursday, September 2, 2010

Link roundup

1. Olly Moss: I have 25 complete sets of Rolling Roadshow posters and I'll be selling them on Friday the 17th of September. The Rolling Roadshow posters will only be available in sets. Each set will cost $500 which works out at about $60 a print.

2. Valerie D'Orazio:

Fun fact: I based Emma Frost & Sebastian Shaw in X-Men Origins: Emma Frost on a bus shelter poster of Betty and Don Draper from "Mad Men." I hadn't watched an episode of "Mad Men" at that point, but I thought January Jones as Betty had that right combination of elegant beauty and cold dead-eyed creepiness.
3. New animated trailer for Batman: The Brave and The Bold, featuring Batman and Bat-mite playing the game on the Wii. (Please let this be good. I so want to play something other than a Lego game with my boys.) Via.

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