Monday, September 20, 2010

The Mexican Batwoman

Posters for a Mexican movie from 1968 featuring the Batwoman and called La Mujer Murciélago:

A mad scientist is wanting to create a race of super gill men. He uses the glands of wrestlers because they are "perfect". Wrestlers are winding up dead all over Acapulco so the call goes out for that mysterious crime fighter BATWOMAN!

The movie is a gem and is available in full at Youtube. In this first segment, Batwoman attends an autopsy in her crime-fighting uniform - - cape, cowl, boots, and bikini:

The last five minutes of the third segment feature her storming a boat and battling goons:

Part four includes an extended car chase:

In part five, she gets herself out of a pickle, and attends yet another autopsy. We also meet the gill man:

And the rest of the movie is nonstop thrills (and masked wrestling):

When I checked, there were a few posters on sale at eBay and Amazon. Via.