Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nike Zvezdochka and more by Marc Newson

All text is courtesy of the Gagosian Gallery. I've added the links and appropriate images.

Marc Newson is one of the most accomplished and influential designers of our time. He has worked across a wide range of disciplines designing everything from furniture, household objects, watches, clocks, and clothing, to interior designs for restaurants and shops and interiors for private and commercial aircraft, to a concept car and a space plane.

To coincide with Newson's exhibition "Transport," which opens at Gagosian West 21st Street on September 14, Gagosian Shop will present several recent limited edition products that he has created for Nike and luxury brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre and Ikepod. All limited editions are for sale.

In 2004, Newson designed the ingenious Zvezdochka trainer for Nike, inspired by his observation of Russian cosmonauts in training. To mark the exhibition, a limited number of pairs will be released in new colors Aegean Blue and Mahogany.

Newson’s recent timepieces include the editioned Atmos 561, a clock powered by temperature change and encased in Baccarat crystal that he designed for the prestigious watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre; and the Ikepod Hourglass, a borosilicate-glass chronometer containing millions of stainless-steel nanoballs, which he launched at this year’s edition of Baselworld, the world’s leading clock and watch fair. Newson has reconceived the traditional hourglass using twenty-first-century materials, producing a futuristic version of one of history’s earliest timepieces.

Lunar Rock Edition is a limited edition produced by Taschen Publishers of Norman Mailer's historic reportage "Moon Fire" of 1969 with a special case designed by Newson. Inspired by the Apollo 11 Lunar Excursion Model, the surface of the case is an actual 3D topography of the moon, fashioned from a single piece of aluminum. Each of the twelve cased editions is accompanied by a separately packaged, authentic and documented piece of lunar rock ranging in weight, size and color.

Posters from the “Transport” exhibition, signed by Newson will be available, as well as recent publications on his work.

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