Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Games that never were: Monster Island

Here's a 10-year-old video game pitch by Irrational Games - - "Rampage meets Black and White Creatures in a Fully Destructible Environment":

Monster Island will also let the player take on the role of the good guys, protecting the city from the horrible creature. The player will have control of five key units: the Scientist (who gathers information on the monster to help defeat the behemoth), the Girl (who can lure the monster away from its intended target), the Engineer (who can direct rebuilding of the city), the General (who can direct the forces of the army fighting the monster), and the Hero (who can personally fight the monster when the going gets desperate).

The player will also have indirect control of the city’s repair (fixing structures and putting out fires), military (fighting the monster), and police (evacuating citizens from danger spots). These units are controlled by a simple Civil Defense graph (right) that the player activates by holding down a shoulder button and moving the yellow cursor via the analog stick. The game then automatically allocates more or fewer forces to the three branches based on the player’s choices.
The art is by Jorge Lacera.

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