Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jessie (from Toy Story) pin-up

Jessie pin-up by Jason Chalker, who has lots of great prints on sale here.

Relatedly, I highly recommend this long interview with Toy Story 3 director, Lee Unkrich, and screenwriter, Michael Arndt. It really demonstrates that great stories come from a lot of hard work and a knack for spotting and remembering interesting anecdotes. For example, they spent hours upon hours studying prison movies and garbage dumps. And the early plot point, when the toys get thrown away? Lee explains:

Years ago, my wife Laura and I were moving from one apartment to another and packing everything up. And about a month after we moved to our new place, Laura asked me if I'd seen her beloved stuffed animals, her childhood stuffed animals.

And I said: What box were they in? And she said, well, they weren't in a box. They were in a garbage bag. And my blood instantly ran ice cold because I realized exactly what had happened: I had thrown all of her stuffed animals away in the dumpster behind our building.

So I feel terrible to this day that that happened, but I do hope that by immortalizing that moment in the movie, that they somehow have been immortalized themselves.
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