Saturday, October 23, 2010

Link roundup

1. Chupacabras are apparently just coyotes with mange.

2. Elie Mystal on the claim that Justice Clarence Thomas likes pornography and large breasts:

As we just mentioned in Fame Brief, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is fielding more allegations about his sexual preferences today, as former girlfriend Lillian McEwen made some “explosive” statements to the Washington Post about her time with the Supreme Court Justice.

I put “explosive” in scare quotes, because really all we’re learning from McEwen is that Justice Thomas likes (or liked, she dated him a long time ago) boobs and porn. Is that really such a big deal? Hey, quick question, would you rather be reading this article about Clarence Thomas and Lillian McEwen right now, or doing something that involved boobs and porn?
3. Five gigs of free storage in the cloud courtesy of Amazon beginning November 1. Via.

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