Thursday, October 28, 2010

Link roundup

1. Interesting detail about the California governor's campaign:

[Jerry] Brown is charging media $700 a day for transportation, meals and hotels on the final days of the campaign, according to campaign spokesman Sterling Clifford. The Brown campaign plans for two charter planes, one for the media, and one for the candidate, with the possibility of interviews and media availabilities on the final swing, reporters were told.

[Meg] Whitman is charging the media a whopping $1,350 for one day, and an astronomical $2,050 for another -- hotels not included. And so far, no details of what itinerary is planned, with a week to go.

2. Video of Yao Ming keeping warm on an exercise bike in the arena and giving a fan a fist bump.

3. "Long & Winding Road" in New York.

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