Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Link roundup

1. Comment and win art cards.

2. Comment and win a collection of spooky cupcake recipes.

3. Consumerist says the underemployment rate for September was 22.5%.

4. Another interesting number was, courtesy of Rich Johnston, that the complete cost of the DC Comics solicitations for December is $192.44 for 1430 pages of story. Absurdly expensive. (Not surprisingly, I doubt I've bought more than one trade paperback a month this year.)


  1. Thanks for more 'comment and win', I actually won something off the internet, thanks to you, I love my new Double Rainbow shirt! I find your blog Super-AWEsome-Punch, bringing me to cool new places to see things on the web and awesome artwork I wouldn't have found on my own!

  2. I don't usually disagree with you, John (and I'm not saying that to be a suck-up, it's just true) but I actually think $192 is pretty fair for a month of DC comics. When I saw that number, my very first impression was that it was kind of a bargain.
    As you phrase it, "$192.44 for 1430 pages of story", it makes it sound like a comparison between that and a couple of very long novels. Which is not a fair comparison. All of those comics are illustrated, colored, and have lots of cover art. You're not paying for just story, you're paying for the art, the sequential story-telling, and the additional incentive that comics are (ostensibly) collectible as well.
    And $192 is (I'm assuming) cover price. Most comic shops will give you 25%-35% off if you are a subscriber.
    But, would I actually -pay- $140 for all of DC's comics for a month? No. Not because it isn't a good deal but because I wouldn't even consider reading more than half of them. Just not interested in many titles. And I also don't have much interest in accumulating a lot of single-issue comics. Like you, I wait for the trades.
    Your post does make me wonder how long it will be before DC and Marvel start offering digital all-issue monthly subscriptions for people with e-readers, though. And if they'll be $140 or quite a bit less.

  3. I've never been interested in comics as collectibles, just as entertainment. And comics are just not remotely as a good use of money as books or video games (or the internet).