Friday, October 29, 2010

Link roundup

1. McDonald's has Megamind Happy Meal toys.

2. This guy seems pretty embarrassed about his career reselling used books, but he's a heck of a writer. Here's a good paragraph:

The old-fashionedness of my PDA echoes the marginality of the work I do. I rely on a technological castoff to search through other people's castoff merchandise. Thrift stores and even library book sales often present books jumbled in boxes on the floor. I root through these. If there's another guy scanning near me—a competitor—I go faster. (And it's almost always a guy, notwithstanding the pair of redheaded, cheerleader-type twins I see at book sales around Chicago.)
Can't you picture it?

3. Annie Leibovitz is still having money trouble:
It's not entirely that collectors find Leibovitz's portfolio too commercial or focused on shallow celebrity, Gapper writes. It's also that Leibovitz has consistently failed, throughout her career, to sufficiently kiss the asses of the sort of people who would spend $3.5 million on a bunch of photographic prints. "She had very little interest in the art world for most of her career," a gallery owner who used to rep Leibovitz told Gapper. "She suffered from not caring about it, not paying enough attention."
4. Monstrous house.

*Buy Happy Meal toys at eBay.