Sunday, October 24, 2010

Link roundup

1. The Demon Hunter class for Diablo III looks great in this trailer (like an armored Lara Croft with double crossbows) and got a strong write-up at Kotaku.

2. Tricking your taste buds:

Last week, we had a little fun partying with* Miracle Fruit, which tricks your taste buds into thinking that sour things taste sweet. Tra-la-la! Isn't life grand, all rose-colored glasses, when you can nibble on a lemon and have it taste like candy? Unicorns and ponies and kitty kitty kats yay!

But then -- boom! -- here comes Miracle Fruit's evil Bizarro-twin brother, Gymnema Sylvestre. Yes, that's right, he's so bad he doesn't even need a name you can pronounce. And his magic power is similarly antisocial: A little sprinkle of his putrid powdery self on your tongue, and you will lose the ability to taste sweetness. Which means that Coke will taste only of its flavoring agents, oranges will taste as sour as lemons, and sugar won't taste like much at all.

If you're thinking that doesn't sound very delicious, well, you're right. But the ability to turn off one of our tastes offers a unique look into how we respond to the others, how important sweetness is to flavor, and, conversely, what we can taste in food once the masking effect of sweetness is taken away.

3. Matt Buchanan at Gizmodo says the iPad is pretty much useless for the type of blogging I do. (Too bad, I was intrigued.)

*Buy iPads at eBay.