Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Link roundup

1. WizardRSS supposedly turns a partial feed into a full feed. Via.

2. From an article about Herschel Walker, who is 50 years old:

He eats once a day, skipping breakfast and lunch. After a long, intense day of training, he eats salad and bread for dinner. He doesn't care for meat or fuss about getting enough protein. Walker's a vegetarian.

"It's a mindset -- something I've been doing for a long time," he said. "I don't worry about protein. I don't worry about all that. I'm from old school. I grew up in south Georgia. They didn't worry about cholesterol or protein. They went out and worked and lived a long time, so I don't put a lot of worries in my mind. I just get it done."

Sometimes, Walker doesn't have an appetite and will go through seven hours of wrestling, kickboxing, sparring and practicing jujitsu without having eaten for three or four days.

"It's just unbelievable," said Mendez, who trains Walker at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California. "He shouldn't be able to do what he's doing. I don't think it's possible to eat as little as possible and work out the way he does. There's no way. He's an unbelievable athlete."
CNN should have to report that they followed him around for several days before reporting those claims as truthful.

3. A look at the new Green Lantern and Young Justice cartoons.

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  1. Herschel Walker's superhuman abilities have been legendary for years. When he joined the Dallas Cowboys, they ran similar stories about how he hardly had to sleep at night and could lift a tractor with one hand.

    Wait, that last one was Superman. But the eating and sleeping thing was Walker.

  2. Just tested WizardRss. Worked great on one site, verdict out on another. Looks good so far.

    Walker is a fascinating human being, always has been.