Monday, October 18, 2010

Man verbally attacks his former girlfriend on C-Span

This is Todd Seavey:

And this is National Review Associate Editor Helen Rittelmeyer:

They recently appeared on a panel televised on C-Span to promote the new book Proud to Be Right: Voices of the Next Conservative Generation:

The discussion about politics and morality is just as boring as you'd expect, until approximately 1:30 in, when Seavey announces that he used to date Rittelmeyer, that he believes she cheated on him, and that she used to plot to toy with other men:

The end cuts off her response to Seavey's question, "what is it you don't want people to do to each other, what sort of evils are beyond the pale." Apparently, she responds, "I don't know, spilling your heart on C-SPAN?"

Seavey talks about the appearance here. And Rittelmeyer comments here.