Wednesday, October 20, 2010

National Novel Writing Month event

Sounds like the place to be in San Francisco on Sunday, November 21. Sarah Mackey makes it sound wonderful:

Let’s face it: NaNoWriMo is kind of a funny little hobby. People look at you a little strangely when you explain that your idea of a good time is writing so much you think your wrists might fall off, all for the glory of a self-printed certificate and some bragging rights. It’s not what I would call a mainstream pastime.

That look I saw on people’s faces was the realization that they’d found somewhere they belonged. Somewhere that celebrated all those little quirks other people might find a little odd. A place where all 200 people knew exactly what you meant by plot bunny and everyone at your table was delighted to debate first- versus third-person.

We try really hard to make the Write-a-thon awesome. There is a giant bell to ring if you hit 50,000 words while you’re there, and if you do, I’ll give you a crown and a prize and announce your name and everyone will applaud. There are word sprints and prizes for the fastest sprinters. There’s food and drink and snacks and treats and prizes and draws and author photos. You get to chat with the OLL staff, and I like to think we’re a pretty witty bunch.

But what makes the NOWD a one-of-a-kind night to remember isn’t anything we do. It’s all of you. The people attending the event, finding that magical place for the first time. The people who donate to their friends so they can attend. The people who maybe can’t come this time, but put a label on a piggy bank and start saving up for next year. The people who comment on the blog entries and photos, who watch the videos, and help spread that magical feeling all over the world.

If you want to experience that magic in person, sign up today to start fundraising. We’ve only got room for the first 200 people who reach $200, and we want one of them to be you. Don’t you?
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