Friday, October 22, 2010

New Smog Miniatures

(Professionally painted) Smog miniatures are just the best. Here's the three newest:

Doctor Zeels:

"I have seen the future. It's already here, carrying with it death and destruction. No one but me can see it but They are among us already. And I must stop Them. I stole the Brazen Bulls of Babylon, I discovered the secrets of Angkor Vat, I probed the mysteries of Eleusis, the Aztec priests tried to rip off my heart and Thuggees hunted me down a hundred days and a hundred nights... I am in London now, facing Them. Mankind's future is at stake."

The Moonchild:
The Pit is a strange and disgusting place. The Freaks rule in there, each one more horrid than the other. Sometimes amid this inhumanity, a child is born with a singular and dangerous beauty, like a firedamp flower with an iron stem. The Freaks fear and worship this child, calling him “Moonchild”. A lost soul roaming near places filled with suffering, it is said that crossing his path brings a curse upon the seer for seven generations of mutants.

The Thumb:
The enemies of the Pit always make the same mistake, believing its members live in plain anarchy. The very existence of “The Thumb” and his ability to plan the attack on Buckingham Palace prove that nothing could be further from the truth. As “Underjudge”, he settles disputes on the Agora and rules the Whitechapel district. With his assistant Dolores Blackmoore, herself in charge of carrying out his ultimate sentences, he’s leading his crusade against tyranny with a fist of iron... So to speak.

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