Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shape-shifting ceramic Little Red Riding Hood (and more)

A few ceramic creations by Studio Kahn:

Metamorphosis is a series of three dolls from the famous folk tale "little red riding hood" made of ceramic and silicon in combined molding technology. The project deals with the questions of identity and usability of objects. Playing is a tool for asking these questions. Swallowing and masquerading are two main motifs in the story of "Little red" that keep the characters changing their nature constantly. The three dolls can be swallowed, folded, cling and turn inside out and create many different combinations together.

The Fragile necklace is "is purchased in one piece. Break each link until the necklace becomes wearable":

Pidog and Duckster are a "couple of oil and vinegar vessels made of ceramic and silicon. each one of them can play a role of two different figures, depends where you put its' head":

Here's the Studio Kahn webstore.

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