Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ultimate Simpsons couch gag by Banksy

Tonight's episode of the Simpsons features an opening storyboarded by Banksy. It starts off with a few fairly predictable jokes, but then the couch gag goes off in a very different direction. The opening takes a journey through the Chinese sweatshops that make the Simpsons, including abused pandas and unicorns:


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  1. I like it but did Banksy really need to have his name spray painted on the billboard and then again on the wall?

  2. Yeah Nick. It would have been cooler to have maybe a "simpsonized" version of a Banksy rat or maybe a stencil of marge in a french maid costume with a dust pan. Something recongizible as Banksy without writing his name.

    Plus when was the last time Simpsons or any animation show used cells? 1997?

  3. Last I checked Simpsons was made in Korea.