Monday, November 29, 2010

Alice in Wonderland-themed party invitation

Jag Nagra:

After a life-long dream of my best friend, we decided to throw a Wonderland-inspired Mad Tea Party. Sent out first, was the “You are cordially invited” set. No specific event details were given at that point.

A few weeks later, the 11″x 17″ “Calling Card” was mailed to each guest in a mailing tube (return address from Wonderland, of course). On the bottom of the poster was the riddle, “Why is the Raven like a Writing Desk?” and each person was given a specific time for when they’d be phoned and asked for their answer to the riddle. When the answer was given, the guest was told more event details.

A week later, “Drink Me” glass bottles were hand delivered to each guests’ front door, and the specific event details were rolled up and placed inside the bottles.
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