Sunday, November 14, 2010

Homemade Quorra and Ulala costumes

This is Annissë in homemade Quorra (Tron Legacy) and Ulala (Space Channel 5) costumes:

You can see her in many other costumes here.

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  1. That Quorra outfit looks great! And you made it?? (With or without help, it looks amazing)

  2. Yes, I made my Quorra costume myself. :)

    1. That is utterly stunning! What exactly did you use to make it? Would you make another? I know it would be expensive! My wife and I are looking at trying TRON for halloween this year. We have been looking at how to make costumes.

  3. are you planning on producing more for sale?

  4. I am currently making a replica costume too, my main question is, did you use EL light tape, or did you use a reflective substance?

  5. This is reflective tape here in these photos but, I lite my Quorra costume up with El Wire diffused. I now have removed this lighting and replacing it with LiteTape which is much more solid looking and brighter. I will be debuting it at SDCC this year :)

    You can see my previously lite up Quorra costume on my Cosplay profile on the link listed above in this posting.

  6. I absolutely love the quorra costume! What did you use to make it? I assume you just sewed all the pieces together? thx

  7. How did you make the backpack?