Thursday, November 4, 2010

Link roundup

1. Grant Morrison:

People don't want to pay money to watch some guy pretending to be someone else when they could be doing it themselves. In games, anyone can be a superhero or a soldier, and the gaming experience doesn't follow strict narrative rules. You can do things on your own, and move in directions you choose. So I wanted to follow that concept: We are now the heroes, and we can look through their eyes. . . Look at Facebook pages: Everyone is a hero or star in their own story, and the inevitable next step is to become superheroic.

2. Michael Arrington writes in detail of his disastrous relationship with Jason Calcanis. For example, "When Jason realized we were very serious about ending our relationship with him he began to spread rumors that I was abusing prescription medications."

3. Here's a claim that the size of Neanderthals' fingers indicate that they were promiscuous.

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