Friday, November 19, 2010

Link roundup

1. Penelope Trunk talks about her sex life and failure as a nude model. It's one slapstick moment after another.

2. The LA Times says a recent poll shows Californians don't support tax increases or spending cuts. "That paradox rests on Californians' firm belief that the state's deficit — estimated last week at nearly $25 billion over the next 18 months — can be squared through trimming waste and inefficiencies rather than cutting the programs they hold dear." I don't see how people could possibly believe that. The public school system can't even afford janitors and has to beg parents to at least help keep the dining areas clean.

3. Bad logo contest. Via.

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  1. John, I live in California, and I can tell you that poll is totally accurate. As is the quote. There's a very strong perception held by most people I know here that the state-level government is basically broken. The governor and legislature agree on nothing and have been at serious loggerheads for many years. Nothing gets passed unless the gov. strong-arms it through. Ah-nold has done some necessary things to keep the state going, but he's also done some really awful things--deprioritizing education, for one example.
    Add to that we already pay nearly a 10% sales tax on retail goods, the cost of living in metro areas is absurdly high, and our gas prices are the highest in the country week-in, week-out. It feels very much like we're getting no return on our tax dollars at all. Adding more taxes is an insult. Cutting what feels like a meager slate of under-funded programs is egregious. So yes, "trim the waste" seems like a good (the only?) solution. The other solution is to tax the heck out of the wealthy (of which California has a lot), but with a Hollywood governor, that seems to have been off the table. And that's a shame--I have lived all over the US, and nowhere have I seen a greater disparity between the upper- and lower-income brackets. There is almost no middle class in California.

  2. I'd take a look at how much states like California and New York pay to the federal government for what they receive. Many other states receive more than they pay.

    This is a thing from the Washington Post about it

  3. I don't see how people could possibly believe that.

    Probably graduated from California public schools.

    Mary Sue
    Graduate of California public schools, K-college