Thursday, November 18, 2010

Link roundup

1. Secret Cinema tickets go on sale tomorrow.

2. Knave of Hearts concept art from the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie.

3. Drew Magary's latest NFL preview column made me laugh out loud repeatedly. But the column's tremendously offensive, so I'm not going to say which parts were funny. Also, I learned something:

I worked in an office last week, and this office had an editing bay with a program that allowed you to search the closed captioning on any television show that has aired within the past 60 days or so. So if you enter any word or phrase, like "angry pirate," the program will find every mention of that phrase and compile all the video segments together for you. This is what "The Daily Show" uses any time they stitch together 56 reporters all using the exact same political talking point.

I felt like an idiot when they showed me this program, because I had always assumed that the "Daily Show" had found those clips manually, that they employed some poor group of hipster interns who had to sit there all goddamn day watching cable news, trying to sift out any common sound bites, then rewind through hours of tape to put the clip montage together.
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