Friday, November 26, 2010

New Smog miniatures

New Smog miniatures (or at least figures I don't think I've posted before...):

Lord Marquis of Carabas:

Brought by the Queen Titania to defend Buckingham Palace at the head of his regiment of Elven Hussars, the Marquis of Carabas is a haughty and disdainful officer. Yet, his sole presence is disturbing enough to muzzle most members of the Imperial Court. Intensely obnoxious, his temper makes him a real scourge to that society where appearances and impassive coldness are the only sacred rules. Nonetheless, he sometimes deigns to help members of the Club overrun by hostile forces.

Jeremiah Crow:
Jeremiah digs and does it well. His masters, the Necromancers of London, agree to say he has the best shovel stroke. Sharp-eyed, he has an unmatched talent to spot a fresh grave at the darkest hour of the night and, protected from putrescent miasmas by his gazmask, unearth its defunct dweller. Faithful servant of the Cult, he is always on his guard against freaks from the Pit. Those twisted prowlers of London's most deserted corners can give him more trouble than his regular 'customers'.

Mei Leung:
Agents of the Dragon are among the most surprising Londoners. Predicting their actual character and abilities can prove hazardous for deception comes naturally to them. Who would indeed suspect the sweet and charming Mei Leung to be a powerful Opiumancer ? Master of one of Asia's most guarded secrets, she can shape Ether to summon the twelve legendary Spirits of the Smoke. As fragile as a petal of a rose, she blows lethal kisses.

Tinkerbell and Bismarck:
Both innocent and cruel, their very nature makes the Faeries a regular nuisance to Londoners' everyday life. Yet, the Queen Victoria being away at Oberon's court, nobody dares to complain. Anyway, even Her Majesty couldn't help much : there is simply not enough space within a Faerie's mind for more than one and only thought or feeling at a time ! As for Major Dreadful, he would deprive himself of Tinkerbell's spying abilities for nothing, especially not for feeding Bismarck's gluttony...
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