Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Paper sculpture wedding invitation

Inkless, laser engraved wedding invitation by Sonja Buehrke:

With the invitation telling the romantic fairy tale story of their wedding, from the proposal to the actual wedding party at a castle with alpine scenery, the folded leporello silhouette landscape card, does not only tell the story, but is unique and a keepsake to always remember the most gorgeous day of their lives. The intricate design and the folded pieces, combined especially with the two-colored paper make this invitation a little piece of art.

It started as a hand cut cutart wedding invitation, but I wanted it to be much more delicate and detailed. So the technique was to be laser cut with a touch of laser engraving. Producing an invitation without ink, it was a challenge to get the typography to be readable. Apart from that, it was also a challenge to not overdue the design, because the lasertime is expensive.

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