Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Link roundup

1. Comment and win art prints.

2. Comment and win Threadless credit.

3. Nick Denton wrote a long explanation of the new design for the various Gawker blogs. Key points: original content ("scoops") is crucial to attracting new readers; major stories should hold key real estate and not be pushed off the page by new posts; people like watching video; and posting more video allows for shoehorning in more ads. (But will people still kill time watching short videos on blogs when they can reliably stream premier Netflix content on their smartphones at work?)

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  1. I tend to agree with you: I don't particularly like watching video online in short bursts. I'll read in short bursts, but video needs to be higher quality for me to bother.
    I think the Gawker blog family has been very successful at one thing--finding their various niches. They really get that. But they're going to push their niche readers away if they keep over-thinking things (like boingboing, for example, which I haven't read for years now).
    I know you think a LOT about how blogs ought to work, and, for me, the blog content has to be easy to process and feel like I'm happy to find it at least 50% of the time or I tend to drop it from my roll.

  2. (I post stills from videos because I assume no one will take my word that the videos are actually worth watching otherwise.)

  3. Friends and family email me links to videos and I rarely, if ever, watch them. Of course that may be a comment on my trusting the bloggers I read more than my friends....
    I like the way you post stills, and I admit that your doing it that way has made me click to the video a couple of times (in over a year of reading your blog? I don't know when I started, but it was quite a while ago).
    I actually think if I read blogs on, say, an ipad, I might be more inclined to watch video then, especially if it was formatted as a magazine. But I just can't get into that sitting at my computer.