Thursday, December 9, 2010

Link roundup

1. Comment and win a copy of People of the Book, a collection of scifi and fantasy stories by popular Jewish authors, both classic and modern.

2. Brody talks about her experience as Desaturated Santa.

3. My kids love, loooove the Avengers cartoon on Disney. (But it's typically on at the strangest times, either in the middle of the day when they're at school, or after their bedtime.)

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  1. Your kids have good taste. I love it too. My boy got distracted by the first few episodes and their one hero focus, so I have to sell him on it. Anyway, they move the Avengers cartoon to Sunday Mornings.

  2. Yes, exactly during swim class!

  3. Avengers > Swimming They kick Namor's but every time he pops his fish head out of the water.

    Actually swimming is an underrated sport. My cousin does it and it really is amazing.

  4. The only episode I've seen so far was the MODOK one, so I was really pleased :)